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Ellen Britt, PA, Ed. D.
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Why Wellness Coaching ?
What is Stress Resiliency ?

Wellness coaching is truly coming into its own. The American Council on Exercise, a non-profit fitness advocate, named health and wellness coaching one of the top 10 fitness trends for 2005. Increasing stress resiliency must be the foundation for any effective wellness program. Stress has been implicated in almost every illness known to our modern society, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. As a Wellness Coach, you will have the knowledge and the specialized skills to assist clients in creating healthy futures for themselves and for their loved ones.

The concept of stress resiliency acknowledges, that in our modern fast-paced culture, stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Our Stress Resiliency Wellness Coaching Foundations/Helix Bones class teaches you how to optimize your mind, body and spirit so that you, and your clients, can thrive in a contemporary environment, bouncing back from stressful events. Stress resilient individuals lead more productive, healthful, and creative lives.

Our foundations program/ Helix Bones delivers learning via teleconference and written support materials, plus provides group interaction through a private email listserv. In addition, students will learn wellness coaching skills through 8 one-hour immersive Coaching Labs, with our Director of Coaching Excellence, Bonnie Hill, MSW, PCC.

Helix Bones starts first quarter 2007.

The next Stress Resiliency Wellness Coaching Foundations Class now known as Helix Bones starts first quarter 2007. This intensive program is delivered in one-hour information packed “mini-seminars,” one per week, all by telephone. Coaching Labs will be held every other week, on Thursdays, at 12 Noon Eastern.

This foundations Helix Bones program is designed to be fun, fast paced and fully interactive, with plenty of practical, immediately useful "hands on" learning opportunities, both in and out of class. You'll also have the ability to network with your colleagues on a private listserv set up exclusively for the members of this group.

Whether you are a coach, social worker, trainer, consultant, or health care professional, this course will provide you with a thorough foundation in the basic anatomy and physiology of the stress response, instruction in the latest cutting edge mind body tools such as advanced breathing techniques, imagery and much more. Click here to see an overview of the course.

I personally guarantee you will be delighted with this program or I will refund every penny of your tuition, up until the start of the second class session, no questions asked.



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